‘American Idol’: Jessica Sanchez voted best of Top 11

‘American Idol’: Jessica Sanchez voted best of Top 11

I mean, imagine an Idol without Randy: Who else would use his position on the panel to wear offensive orchid blazers and try to launch a line of hideous hand-beaded pins. That has to be the reason for those pins, right? Who else is advocating that Idol expand its offerings to include the Lil Wayne songbook. American Idol: 10 Dream Theme Nights! That said, I wish Jimmy had steered Hollie to a different tune. Come on, face the camera! When you cry, everyone wins! Cry, dammit, cry! How come this is so much easier with the Kardashians?

‘American Idol’ Reject Skylar Laine On Who Can Win

Before we had a chance to listen to some great music we had to endure some more wasted air time with Tommy Hilfilger. This week resident mentor Jimmy Iovine had the help of Akon. Very well done. Judges really like the way he interprets songs. They sound so good together. Akon had high praise for her.

Hollie gets rave reviews for her take on a ’60 song and a British hit, while Joshua Ledet and Skylar Laine continue making impressive.

And he did it within minutes of the show’s start. So start with the fake and make it real. How absurd. How frightening. How very rock ‘n’ roll. These young hopefuls are here to find a new self, one that will become the new them. The only them, in fact. Oddly, this time the contestants had to pick songs from the last couple of years, which was a stunning concession to modernity.

Spotted: Idol’s Hollie Cavanagh & Joshua Ledet; Joshua Explains Phillip Phillips “No Hug”

And that makes it kind of strange that Testone is one of the two singers who did not receive lavish praise from the judges on a night when they seemed predisposed to applaud anyone. Pretty much everyone got kudos, oversinging be darned. You have to give the judges credit for consistency — two looooonnnnng hours, and not one of them dozed off or asked Ryan whether they could help Fox come up with a half-hour sitcom pilot to avoid having to stretch these episodes out so much. Even guest mentor Gwen Stefani, who along with fellow No Doubt member Tony Kanal joined Jimmy Iovine in the mentoring chairs, was filled with joy and mirth.

when voters put Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Elise Testone into Jimmy, who’d predicted that Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh.

April 19, Credit: Fox. Hollie Cavanagh, Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine topped another mediocore round on “American Idol” as the contestants each sang a Queen song followed by something of their own choice. Cavanagh may have saved herself from elimination with a powerhouse choice to close the night, overcoming her usual bout with nerves — while Elise Testone made herself the favorite to be cut with two mediocore performances.

For me, the highlight of the night was Ryan Seacrest talking about his girlfriend, Julianne Hough — the first time I can remember him in 11 seasons talking about anyone he’s dating. He fake-complained to Phillip Phillips that he thought he heard her say “yummy! Man, I so wish Simon Cowell were still around, he’d have thrown in something snarky but funny to try and make Seacrest squirm.

Below’s how I ranked everyone; put your own thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter using ndidol. Randy Jackson raved, “Yo, that was beautiful! Perfect song for you!

American Idol 2012 final: It’s Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips as Joshua Ledet is eliminated

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Hollie Cavanagh performed “Perfect” on Wednesday, and while it was But certainly it would’ve been better than the “We’re not dating, and nobody But Joshua Ledet may have been the big mover of the night, in part by.

With Steven Van Zandt being billed as a guest mentor, each of the Top 5 additionally performed a song from the s in the first round. Steven Tyler said that she finally stepped out, as Jennifer Lopez felt the energy. Randy Jackson also liked it, but advised her to be less self conscious. Randy loved it that the year-old singer made the song his own. Lo did not know the song, so she wasn’t sure if there was no melody. Steven indeed thought Phillip messed up the melody, but he could get away with it.

Lo called it natural and fearless, gushing, “It’s like you attack every single song. Before presenting another individual performance, the show presented a duet of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by Joshua and Phillip. Randy said it started slow, but it came alive and they delivered it, while J. Lo commented that the two seemed so nervous together.

Hollie Cavanagh, Jessica Sanchez and Skylar Laine top mediocore ‘American Idol’

Well, considering Percy Sledge himself emailed American Idol to say how much he loved Joshua’s cover of “When a Man Loves a Woman” on last night’s show , it would have been rather shocking if the year-old powerhouse had not made the top 10 and scored himself a slot on the American Idols Live tour. But what of the rest of the finalists?

Some of last week’s standouts didn’t perform as well this week, and if they were hoping that Jermaine Jones ‘ disqualification would somehow exempt them from getting the boot They were wrong.

Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez perform on “American Idol,​” The show is desperately trying to imply that they’re dating.

Educate Yourself. Donate if You Can. Understand Your Privilege. Stripped down version of one of my fav songs! Shallow Gaga. All in my feels from hearing this song everywhere lately! Happy Christmas!

The Top 10 Performances Of This Year’s Idols Live Tour

And once again, I was amazed–as I am when I attend every Idol tour, every year–by how much better all the contestants performed, now that they no longer had to worry about winning over voters or judges. Seriously, if these contestants had done this well on the actual show, any of them yes, even Heejun could have won “Idol” instead.

This year featured an extremely talented bunch, indeed. Unsurprisingly, most of the standout performances, for me for you for me, were by contestants who were my favorites throughout “American Idol” Season 11 itself Enjoy the awesomeness below, and laugh your own you-know-what off:. She’s just so badass.

*Skylar Laine and the recently booted Colton Dixon are dating, only Seacrest brings Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet to center stage.

Ryan Seacrest started a playful rumor on ‘ American Idol ‘ this week, repeatedly asking country fireball Skylar Laine and her fellow hopeful Colton Dixon if they are dating. Of course, the same thing happened to Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone after their duet. Apparently, there’s just something about onstage chemistry that gets the rumors flying. And while Laine and Dixon both deny dating rumors, the two seem to be having fun with the whole thing and not taking it too seriously.

We don’t want anyone dating. That would be weird because they’re all our family! In this family, Joshua Ledet would be the teasing brother. Sound like family yet? Colton and Skylar are not dating. What a brother! In reality, we know the two aren’t dating, but it is pretty funny to see how they handle all the rumors and questions, and we love that they’re not uptight about it.

Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt, Hollie Cavanagh, and Josh Ledet singing Moves Like Jagger Live

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