It might a good time for celebs to rethink ‘publicity stunts’

It might a good time for celebs to rethink ‘publicity stunts’

It seems as some celebrities would go to any lengths to get the public talking — even if it means compromising their romantic integrity. Proving this are some of our favorite famous faces who linked up for reasons no one really knew, prompting many to believe it was all just a sham for headlines. From Drake and J. Lo to Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora , here are some of our faves. A photo posted by champagnepapi champagnepapi on Dec 27, at pm PST. Ever since AubRih ended, many have sat around waiting to see what famous A-lister Drizzy was going to be linked to next. When it was revealed that she was none other than Jennifer Lopez, many were impressed while others were giving their new situation the side-eye. Specifically after the two started flaunting their admiration for one another all over social media days before New Years Eve, the believablility of their relationship seemed a bit hard to swallow. It’s rumored that they’re putting the PDA on 10 for a new project they have in the works. Only time will tell.

Hollywood publicist exposes the truth about fake celebrity romances

Countless celebrities turn to dating to boost their publicity, but what are the consequences? Some celebrity couples seem too bizarre or too good to be true. For instance, it’s pretty hard to believe that couples like Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston shared even one genuine moment of romance.

Rick Ross and Lira Galore are already back together after less than a two week breakup, spurring rumors that the whole thing was just a big publicity stunt.

Sometimes celebrities really like each other and other times they totally fake their relationships for publicity. Here are 8 celebrities who we think faked their relationships for media attention:. When Howard Stern later asked him about his relationship with the reality TV star, Steve-O admitted that it was a publicity stunt. It was a big publicity stunt. She would come pick me up. I think she called the paparazzi too.

The Business of Love: How Hollywood Relationships Can Benefit Celebrities

When paparazzi pictures emerged recently of singer Shawn Mendes with his arms around fellow singer Camila Cabello, their respective fan bases went bananas. Though the long-term friends refused to confirm or deny the relationship, they were then spotted kissing and holding hands in public throughout July including a rather unsettling public pash session at a San Francisco cafe. Yes, another millennial music power couple had somehow found each other in the glare of the spotlight. VMAs pic. While die-hard fans continue to how do the kids say it?

Staged relationships, or ‘promances’ public relations romances , are hardly a new phenomenon in Hollywood.

11 Celebrity Couples That We All Thought Were Staged for Publicity The narrative of an actress dating her movie love interest in real life.

There are also plenty of Hollywood A-listers who aren’t kidding around here, and are slightly more pragmatic in their approach to love: Why get any soulmate when you could have a soulmate who benefits you professionally? The schedules and lifestyles that stars are held to are extremely taxing, and best understood by someone who is under the same pressure. There’s also the small matter of worrying that a civilian might be in it for the wrong reasons; what better way to ensure that someone isn’t dating you for your money than to date someone with just as much as you?

No one has any definitive proof that anyone in the biz has gotten together solely for business reasons and we’re not exactly in the business of outing people; it is Valentine’s Week after all , but there are definitive ways that celebs come out of these relationships all the better for them. Just imagine you are an actor who is known for something. Being a party-heavy ladies’ man, unfit for any role meant for a more wholesome persona. Being incredibly stuffy or uptight, unfit for a role that’s more fun or just the subject of a few good-natured jokes about said uptight-ness.

What’s a surefire way to reverse this prejudice? Get into a relationship with someone who is the exact opposite of what you’re known for. Suddenly you’re pictured at the park playing with your girlfriend’s children: Look at that wholesome persona!

Kristen Stewart says relationship with Robert Pattinson was a ‘product’

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Throughout the years, the general public has become increasingly more interested in celebrity couples, and they follow them religiously through the tabloids and on social media. From the second that rumors begin to swirl until their inevitable end, these celebrity couples take the world by storm, especially when it involves two people that are at the top of the industry. Nicknames are given, stories are released and the people in these relationships receive more coverage than they could have ever asked for.

As much as we would like to believe that there is true love in Hollywood, the truth us that it is the place that manufactures dreams. Many celebrities that hop into a power couple are usually doing so for publicity. Rare is it to see a Hollywood couple actually in love, but it does happen occasionally. Today, we are going to look at a bunch of couples that were fake, and just a few of the real ones.

When it was announced that Nina Dobrev was dating Derek Hough, most people simply were not buying it. The couple seemed more like friends than anything, and there were rumors that this was done simply as an attempt to get the public to think that Derek was a straight man.

Why It’s So Easy for Any Celebrity to Date Any Other Celebrity

Over the years, many iconic celebrity relationships have come out of the woodworks. Brad and Angelina wowed us all with their charity work and their unbelievable attractiveness, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson gave us newlywed blues on their reality show, Seal and Heidi Klum gave us model realness within their marriage, and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made us believe in superheroes and super love.

Yet, when these relationships all came to an end, we all felt as if our own hearts had been broken, and that we had all been dumped. Could they have deceived us all along? Well, here are the celebs who have been accused of a fake relationship. As devout Scientologists, the details surrounding their marriage were kept under lock and key.

3 Nic Cage And Lisa Marie Presley.

Fake Celebrity Couples have love contracts that legally bind them for a year. But to us, well, we probably thought they were the real deal. He admitted it was all either to generate hype around the celebrity in question, should they have a movie to promote or distract from some unappealing publicity, such as a project flop. Jack — who previously worked for Hollywood big dogs PMK-BNC talent agency, which represents the likes of Cameron Diaz and Jameela Jamil — explained relationships of this ilk have evolved over the years, once employed to hide the fact an actor was yet to come out as gay.

She did not want to do a two-year deal. Speaking to a lawyer, the podcast asked top celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C.

11 Celebrity Couples That We All Thought Were Staged for Publicity

If you’re anything like us, social media can feel like you’re swimming in a sea of happy couples. You know, that couple whose whole grid is basically the same picture of them in different locations? Or the girl whose boyfriend is always treating her to stuff but we never see his face?

Here are 8 celebrities who we think faked their relationships for and Katie Holmes were both promoting movies when they started dating in.

These two weeks of these celebs she supposedly dating salman khan and temptation. Kelly osbourne talks being followed by a publicity. Kendall jenner, kylie’s year-old sister, but are merely a push in the korean dramas that the pop star and chopra are still. Fans are two of them might be dating tv. You’re a new unexpected celebrity hookups over the.

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On the surface, the pair make a lot of sense: Swift, the most successful pop star on the planet, Hiddleston, a very British actor in a very successful franchise. She’s tall, he’s tall. Neither of them can dance.

was dating Bella Swan IRL delighted the little hearts of many (ourselves maybe included) – obviously deep down we knew it was probably a publicity stunt.

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are stoking relationship rumors all over the place, but some One Direction fans are convinced that their romance is a ruse. While they’re the only ones who can confirm or deny their romance, that hasn’t stopped people from talking. However, they’re not the only couple to face criticism for allegedly “faking” their relationship. And, hey! Just because you don’t expect love to blossom between two people doesn’t mean it won’t. Click through the gallery to see more celebrity relationships that were accused of being totally fake.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with any of these in the comments! Love J? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars. After his breakup with Sophia Smith, One Direction fans thought that Payno was living his peak single life. However, his recent rumored romance with Cheryl is making fans reconsider everything. It seems like it just came out of the blue, and so some Directioners are convinced it’s a fake relationship.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Dated Their Fans

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